When ordering a cake from Mila's Bakery, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions. Any allergies must be pointed out to us upon ordering. We cannot guarantee any cakes are complete from any allergens due to everything being made in the same kitchen. Whilst we take extra precautions to avoid cross contamination it cannot be guaranteed. We recommend people with severe nut allergies to not order from us as we use them in the kitchen.

Deposits must be paid when ordering, your space in the diary is not secure until a deposit has been paid. ALL deposits are non-refundable. Deposits may be transferred to another date at our discretion, this may not always be the case and we reserve the right to not refund or transfer any deposits.

Refunds may be issued if we receive proof of the problem in question.
Refunds will never be given if the cake has been consumed or not returned, consuming the product showcases your acceptance that the product was adequate for the purpose it was supplied.
In order to receive a refund the cake must be returned as whole and intact as possible.

Once a cake has been collected and has left our possession we are not responsible for any loss or damages. Cakes must be transported in the manner we have advised, in the boot or the footwell– they should never be transported whilst on somebody’s lap or seat.

Postal orders placed on Sunday are freshly baked Monday/Tuesdays and posted via Royal Mail. Items are individually wrapped to preserve freshness. We cannot guarantee any traces of nuts in every box, some boxes contain nuts. All boxes contain soya, dairy and wheat/gluten. Once dropped at our local post office, we are not responsible for any delays of posting this is down to Royal Mail. If your parcel doesn't arrive within 7 days from ordering please let us know at the earliest convenience. Upon tracking, if your parcel says delivered we hold no responsibility to refund the full amount. If you box hasn't arrived and upon tracking it shows no proof of delivery we will either replace with a new box or issue a refund.


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